Jan 9, 2012

Words with friends

Ahhh, I'm back and funk FREE :)  Yay me!! *pats back*

I've had this post mulling through my head for some time now, yet I think the final prompt came this morning when receiving an email with this exact quote in it -

"The tongue has the power of life and death" - Proverbs 18:21 

There are some words and phrases, to me, that are like a knife in my fragile soul (I'm not saying I am fragile, but deep down, my soul is extremely sensitive).  To name a few:
  • Hate
  • You're/it's killing me
  • I'd die for that
Now, please note, this is my own personal issue with these words, and it happens to be scriptural too. They're like saying a curse word in my home - (I'm not perfect, I let them slip occasionally), but ever think about the word "curse"?  I do believe that our language speaks volumes about the way we live and the path we are paving for our future.  
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This leads me into negative self-talk - and women, we are (were) the most guilty of this.  I'd love for you to take just one day and listen closely to all the bad stuff you say about yourself.  Then take the next day to STOP IT!  When you catch yourself doing it, please turn it into something postitive.  I will share with you my favorite self-talk - 

Negative - I'm feeling bloated today, probably gaining weight - oh I have eaten like crap lately, it's starting to show, need to go to the gym more, need to stop eating like a pig.  A muffin is starting to appear over my pants, I should just get back into my sweat pants or pjs.

Positive - (ignoring all the potential bloating signs) confess: "I've got the metabolism of a 17 year old." 

Done - just like that.  Ignoring all the other self talk and making a mountain out of a molehill is annoying and wastes precious energy.  Turn it into something positive and also look in the mirror at something you really love about yourself - or remember a sweet comment a friend made about you. 

Doesn't that feel better?  Doesn't it help you to move on with your day with more energy, pep and maybe even a smile on your face?  I'd much rather be known for that than be the one that always talks bad about herself. 

If you don't have anything nice to say {about yourself}, don't say anything at all.

Have you got any tips to share?


Lavender Luz said...

I love the idea that you should accord yourself at LEAST the same kindness that offer to your loved ones.

My dad once pointed out to me that "love thy neighbor as yourself" first requires that you love yourself.

Great thought. This will stick with me.

Susan said...

Great post Jenny. I am thankful for your friendship and support. I've been really bad on the negativity to myself. You are right, stop it! Focus on the positives. I'm printing this out to keep as a reminder for myself.

Voyages Counseling Ministry said...

I appreciate your honesty in this struggle through humanity. Loving ourselves is difficult, and often means we must admit to the value God gives us. His Grace is a gift suggesting value beyond our own corehension as evident by our (my) constant forgetfulness of it.