Feb 13, 2012

Luxaby Lily

We can probably all remember the heartache of not being able to do something as well as others, but we can also remember the joy of accomplishing something after a lot of practice at hard work.  That's what Luxaby Lily teaches us.  Beautifully illustrated by Rachel Styner and written by Molly Hillenbrand Vernon (owner of Luxaby Baby Boutique in , this book is an amazing example of what can happen when you have the courage to believe in yourself.  A great message we should all be teaching our kids - never give up, practice and you'll be amazing.

Luxaby Lily by authorvideo

I can recall a bazillion adult inspiration stories for adults.  Stories, for example, about how someone was told they'd never be a good basketball player (hello, Michael Jordan) and after persistence and practice, they became the best at what God put in their heart.  I love that this is put into terms for our kids.

Lily teaches my girls, who are at a crucial age in school for developing their confidence and comparing themselves to others, how it may not always come easy, but the outcome can be magnificent. 

My absolute favorite part of this book?  Lily's poem at the end (I won't give away any more)....

Thank you Molly Hillenbrand Vernon for providing me with a copy of this magical book.  I'm so honored to have the chance to read it, and to pass it along to my kiddos. :)

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MommyMandi said...

This looks like an awesome book. I bet my Baby C will love it when she gets older. Thanks for sharing.