Feb 9, 2012

Random Sale

I've got stuff, lots and lots of stuff around here.  So much that I'd really just love to get rid of it all, so that's what I've decided to do.  Gettin rid of my stuff.

All of it is new stuff, they're just rep samples from many years ago.  You can have it, just pay $6 shipping.  That makes all of the cute stuff down there $6!!! 

Here are the guidelines to get free stuff from me...

  • I ship via USPS priority - 2-3 days with tracking info (I will send that to you once the label has printed)
  • Products purchased will ship out within 24 hours 

  • I can combine shipments, but charges will still be the same (trying to keep it as easy as possible)

  • I'd love for you to share this sale with your friends, so I can clear it out as quick as possible (click the facebook or twitter button below to help out)
  • I can combine shipments - single item shipping rates will still apply to each product being shipped
  • Payment accepted via Paypal
  • Please do not return the stuff, my house/office doesn't want it any more and I might hand deliver it back to you...
  • Any questions?  Feel free to email me, but things may not last long, so be careful
SALE UPDATE:  WHOA!  Everything sold so quickly! I've got FOUR wands left... Want them???

Bee Wand - Shipping $6 each - (4 available) - $6

If you guys buy all my stuff, I may start hawking more stuff.  Kids anyone?  Anyone want the kids?  HA! Kidding (kinda).  :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
I have to tell you it was so nice to get a Thank You note from you! That was very unexpected.
I love your shoes and will continue to buy them for my grand babies!!
Thanks for providing such a great product!
Trace McDaniel