Mar 9, 2012

Support My Woman Owned Biz Friends, Pretty Please

The lovely Katie, of KT Steppers, had the most fantabulous support-woman-owned-business idea. So I am totally copying her.  These gals have become my business posse, so of course I am going to try to help them win.

If you have a moment, can you give these hard working entrepreneurs a quick click to make sure they surpass the competition?  (not that we're worried or anything, they are pretty rad). 

So starting first is KT Steppers, nominated for a Cribsie Award.  She's super stoked, and so am I, that her well deserved "steppers" are being recognized like they should.  They're just as sweet at Katie.  You'll wanna make that click right under "Gear" and "Cutest Step Stools in Climbing Mode".

Deidrea of Hot Mama Gowns is up for the Reader's Choice award.  If you had the choice, wouldn't you go for one of her stunning delivery gowns?  I know, right?  They ARE so lovely, and functional too. One quick click will get her another step closer to raising that award above her head and then admitting she'll be heading to Disneyland...

My sweet friend, Michelle, is looking to try to get her Busy Breather's Oxygen Back Packs on the shelves of Walmart stores (great fit, don't you think??).  She has a special place in my heart and after you read her story she'll be in yours too.  This one is super easy, just send a text or click here.

And lastly, but definitely not leastly, Amanda from Cutie Pa Tutus, is up for an Reader's Choice Award too.  Give her Cutie Pa Tutu a click and make her twirl in circles for days.  Seriously, she'll do that if/when she wins.  #Swearsies

I thank you, and I know they thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!  <3 Jenny

Do you need something voted for?  Post the link below, we'll gladly reciprocate.

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