Mar 13, 2012

ONE Day without Shoes

Imagine even just a day without shoes?  Would your favorite coffee shop let you in for your daily latte?  Could you go to the gym?  Heck, could you even walk outside of your house (for many in a big city that would be pretty gross). 
I love the TOMS One for One cause, I'm a huge fan of the shoes and have a couple of pairs myself. In fact, many of you know that I've begun selling my own hand painted Ladybug TOMS because I love them so much.  In my daily life, I know I take shoes for granted, I've got tons of them.  I cannot even fathom what it would be like to go without something protecting my feet. 

TOMS and Essie Cosmetics (a nail polish I'm completely obsessed with) is teaming up to bring awareness to their cause "One Day without Shoes".  This campaign spreads awareness about the disease and infections kiddos can get without proper protection on their feet.  And there's something in it for you...

Take the One Day without Shoes pledge for April 10, 2012 and Essie is hosting a giveaway of 15,000 bottles of their Limited Edition Nail Color, Barefoot in Blue.  (appropriately named)  At least your toes will be beautiful when you strut down the street in your bare feet.

Here's how you can help:

--  Join the One for One for movement by visiting the website
    --  TOMS' Facebook page (, or Essie's Facebook
        page (
    --  Go without shoes!  Show support by posting a barefoot photo or brief
        video online showing your bare feet
    --  Link and share!  Post your participation in social media outlets and
        tweet using "#withoutshoes"

A great cause to get the kids involved in... And hey ladies, it's an excuse to show off those cute spring toes ;)  

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