Mar 14, 2012

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I love Alexa's Angels.  There, I said it.  They're not only the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet, but I love that the serve a major purpose.  One of brightening the days of friends (or strangers) when they need it.  It's simple really, but so effective.  I'll tell you my personal story below...But first, the product.
These bracelets, they seem simple enough, a rubber band type stretchy bracelet with a silver band that reads "Posi+ivi+y".  Available in various colors, easy to wear, inexpensive, but so powerful.  They come in 3's and the thought behind them is to keep one for yourself, give the other two away.  Give them to a friend, family member, or stranger in need of a little positivity. 

I bought these for my daughters for Christmas.  I thought it would be just a nice little gift that we will all share.  Then I heard the story behind giving them to someone when they're in need of some love and "Positivity".  I told this to my daughters, they need to be on the lookout for someone who they could let know that they are being thought of, that God is thinking of them.  Little did I know that I would be the one to give mine away first.

My step mom's good friend had a stroke almost a month ago.  Can you imagine watching your best friend in the hospital, not recognizing who you are, who they themselves are, seeing the life ripped from her?  At the early age of 66?  This just shouldn't happen.  My sweet step mom has been sitting at the hospital with her, and her friend's newly-married, newly pregnant daughter, for the past 4 weeks, daily.  You can see the stress in her eyes, the constant verge of tears that she is on.  The not knowing if her friend will be able to go have breakfast with her again, let alone live by herself (at 66 years old).  My heart breaks for her, for them, for their friendship. 

I gave her, and her friend's daughter, my bracelets.  The one that says Positivity on it, because through out all of the doctor's diagnosis, I just want her to know that we serve a BIG God and that anything is possible.  That her friend could very well overcome the odds, and that with one touch of His favor she could be having breakfast with her dear friend again, sharing laughs over coffee and pancakes. 

If you pray, please say a prayer for all of them, for some positivity... 

Do you know of someone in need of some Positivity?  Or maybe it's you? I'll gladly send you one of my bracelets...

Disclaimer:  Alexa's Angels and Monkey Toes are not affiliated in any way.  This post was on my heart and I felt like I needed to share it. 

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