Jun 22, 2012

Larger Sizes

There's been some complaining in the Monkey Toes neighborhood about kiddos growing out of our shoes.  It is a sad day when that happens, I can sympathize - I've had two daughters grow out of them.  So I was thrilled when my son came along and could wear Monkey Toes again.  Oh Happy Day!

I recently had a phone call from a Grandmother whose granddaughter was distraught because she couldn't fit into Monkey Toes Buzzy Bees any more.  No child should be left Monkey Toes-less!  I was able to track down a pair of black canvas shoes and some curly laces and create a custom pair for her....In a size 10.5!

This is fantastic news!  For all of you with kiddos in youth sizes 10.5-4.5 (click the size chart on this page), you're in luck!  I can hand paint Buzzy Bees for you.  I can even hand paint women's sizes 5-9.5.  I can also paint women's ladybugs.

How can you resist their cute little faces?  I'm going to paint up a few pairs for my older daughters, they're going to love them.  

YOUTH - $44 includes shipping and handling (just $5 more than our normal price)....
Womens - $52 includes shipping and handling 

Since they're custom shoes and cannot be exchanged, I will personalize them for you too :)  Shoes will take up to two weeks from deadline dates below.

Get your sizing rounded up, I'm taking orders for them now, but will place a bulk order on the following days.  Here are order deadlines:

June 22
June 29
July 6

Want to place your order?  Please email me direct to get your order in right away.  I will eventually get this set up on the website.

How happy is this going to make the kids???

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taradara said...

VERY VERY cool!!!!!