Jun 11, 2012

So proud of these kids

As the school year comes to a close, I find myself taking a double take at my kids and reflect a little.  I reflect on their outward appearance, how much they've grown physically and also how there is something more mature about them.  I can't even put my finger on what that "something" is.  

I was overwhelmed at these two girls who are not only outwardly beautiful, but they're inner-beauty makes them truly stunning.  I found myself thinking about what's been overcome in Rose's school year and what has been accomplished in Ella's school year.  Can I brag for a minute?

Ella - finishing up 4th grade with amazing above-average grades. She's always been quite independent in her school work and has always done really well - she loves it!  She's a read-a-holic.  You have to tell her to put the books down, she loves to read that much.  I asked her a couple of days ago, how many books have you read so far this year (since January 1) - her number?   43.  It's been a few days though, she may have read more since then.  FOURTY-THREE BOOKS READ IN 2012 alone!  How insane is that?  I often think she's joking when she's finished another book, thinking she's just looking at the words, but she knows every detail of it.  Oh wait, that number just changed, she finished another one!

Rose - overcoming her elementary school struggles and rocking 6th grade!  Ending the year with an Honor Roll certificate in her belt for the entire year.  Her more in-depth school story here.  Something just clicked for her, we have no idea what it is, but almost as she was a caterpillar just waiting to come out of that cocoon.  Well, she did it, and I couldn't be more proud of her.  There is something so much more mature about her, maybe someone who has been here knows what I'm talking about?

Oscar - his happy little demeanor amazes me.  His vocabulary, his understanding abilities,  the fact that I can even reason for a second with a 2 year old astounds me.  His tantrums are so few and far between (and short-lived at that) which is such a blessing.  He's so easy going, I think we are more stressed about putting him in new situations than he'll ever be.   

Now it's your turn...Brag away.  How have they changed over the past school year?  I'd love to hear!

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