Jun 12, 2012

Father's Day ideas

Oh man, it's that time to start racking your brain for a few special gift ideas.  For the man that you loved first, to the man that you are head over heels in love with now, I am searching for some fun finds (and even better if they're great deals too!).

Here's a really cheap idea, and I'm sure totally welcomed by Dad: take care of his chores this week!  Remember that Love Language - Acts of Service?  Maybe he feels love when you do things for him.  I say take this opportunity to let him relax and mow the lawn, take out the trash, wash the car, check the oil - whatever it is that your Dad (or Hubby) does, make his life a little easier this week.  Hand him a beer while you take care of it, for a little added bonus.

My hubby LOVES golf (I might call him slightly obsessed).  For a nice gift for anyone who loves the grassy sport, put together a day of golf (kinda like a spa day for men, right?).  Fill a basket with a logo towel & collared shirt from the golf course you're sending him to, some golf balls and tees, a gift card for his round plus cart and throw in some smaller bills for the beer cart.  If you really want to treat him right, give him an additional gift card to the golf course's restaurant for an apres golf meal.  If my husband is reading this, he's probably salivating right now.  Don't forget to call ahead and set up his tee time too.

$20 for $40 Towards Father's Day Gift Sets from Wine.com from June 12-16, get that wine lovin' man something he can savor.  (affiliate link)  Who doesn't love a nice bottle of Cabernet?  Or maybe he's more of a "sweet" guy and loves the Pinot Grigio.  Whichever he fancies, this is a great deal!!  Buy him the deal or get several bottles and keep one for yourself (I won't tell).

Does your man have a sweet tooth?  I've got a couple of ideas for you - buy some of the best brownies known to man from Brownie Points (I can't rave enough about how delicious these are).  Between all of the options, your best option is just to go with the samplers and let him decide on a favorite.  Another fun sweet is the Beer and Pretzel Marshmallows from Truffle Truffle.  A unique, and delicious, experience.  Does he have a super huge Sweet Tooth?  Then go with both!  Read what I wrote about them on Sugar Loco - Truffle Truffle & Brownie Points.

One of my favorite ideas for keeping things on the cheap is to eat dinner at home and have dessert out.  It's pretty inexpensive to share a dessert - unless your sharing with my hubby, then I cannot really call his snarfing, "sharing".   Dessert is so delicious at a restaurant and typically runs about $6-$10/plate.  An easy compromise to indulging, and welcomed by any Daddy!
"Strawberry Shortcake" at Edge at the Four Seasons Denver

How are you spoiling Dad this weekend?  

PS - I am no affiliated with any of these companies. I did pass along one affiliate link, but these are all my opinions.  ENJOY!


kia said...

Oh man, this is Father's Day Weekend. My husband is excited for me to take him to the YSL show at DAM. He said that would be gift enough. He is a bourbon and whiskey type of guy so I may hit up Stranahans for a local bottle or even Hellimae's Salted Caramels because I know Ellen did a batch with whiskey (she is also local).

Laura said...

My kids love treating dad to gift cards in small amounts for quick restaurants near the house. He never treats himself to lunch out on his own so its a nice treat.

Rajean said...

Love the top photo of your men! Like all your gift ideas too. I've never thought to do dinner at home & dessert out, other than ice cream, we might try that with doing daddy's chores.