Jul 18, 2012

Business: Being Attacked

I've got some pretty eye-opening posts mulling around in my head, I really want to be real about business and life. I think it can only help you to see the good, bad, and really ugly of it all.  I'd sure appreciate any comments below so I know you're listening and whether this helps you or not, or if you have questions, I'd love to hear them.

the basement tsunami aftermath
I realized the other day that I'm coming up on my 10th year of selling Monkey Toes, which is thrilling.  I started this business hand painting each and every pair of shoes, in fact at my launch I had painted 360 pairs. ALL. BY.  MYSELF.  Seriously, night and day painting away.  And then lacing those little cuties up.  Having a business is like a baby, you'll do pretty much anything for it - even if it means you'll be losing out on some sleep. But it was mine, I created it, I experienced every exciting new  moment with it, I got to reap the benefits of it.  And I wouldn't change it for anything.  

I'm believing for some really big things right now for Monkey Toes.  I will share more information in a later post, but for now I'd appreciate prayers or awesome positive vibes from you.  I don't know about you, but when I believe for big things, they're BIG, HUGE even, maybe even seeming impossible.  But I put my trust in the Lord to get the job done, one hand of his power and everything can flourish.  

He finally falls asleep for an hour in an armoir. whatever works, right?
Last week is a classic example of those attacks.... Husband goes away for 48 hours to work, basement floods, furniture breaks, crazy non-napping toddler, decisions need to be made and I can't because I haven't been able to speak to my hubby.  Kids chaotic, business getting ignored, rooms being switched around due to new swimming pool in our basement. Emergency yard work - we had to re-grade the landscaping surrounding our house to move water away from the house when it rains (you've gotta love old homes). Hubby had prior engagements the one day he was off last week, which left us alone to deal with the mess for another day. Among this were a few other things sprinkled in there too. Etc, Etc, Etc.

how many trips do you typically take to home depot during a project?  947 for us
All I'm saying is these things will happen.  Yes, I had a moment where I broke.  I allowed myself a weak moment where tears flew.  I poured myself a glass of wine, I burnt some dinner (literally, burnt potatoes and they also flew all over the kitchen as I pulled them out of the oven.  Lovely.).  I called myself a horrible mom to my daughter, who quickly yelled at me telling me that I should NEVER say horrible things about myself like that.  But guess what?  I got through it, I know I can handle anything that comes this way, and everyone will survive.  It's not the worst thing ever...was my blood pumping though?  Yes.  

Now I can say, it was one crazy week, but since I was put to that insane test, I'm so glad that it's over and I can again appreciate the calm-ish aura of our house again.  And I'm excited to now look for the blessings that were in that week. 

My motto when things get tough like this?  "Nobody died"

changing table crash of 2012 - I wanted to get rid of it anyway

blessing: toddler boys love dump trucks, especially when they leave a huge mountain of rocks to climb and conquer
charity car wash for the "tsunami that blew through our basement fund", the kids had so much fun helping with the yard work 

My brother was an angel helping us out with our yard and organizing labor to help.

Have you noticed things getting really tough when you're working toward something big for yourself or your business?  I'd love for you to share about it below!


Cutie Pa Tutus said...

Sorry you had a rough time last week! You know that I know what it feels like!! Building your own business is a difficult, frustrating labor of love. The great moments definitely outweigh the hard moments, but oh! those hard moments can be sooo hard!!

Lots of love to you girlie!

Dari said...

It feels like when it rains it pours (into your basement). Sorry, couldn't help it, we've had that happen to us too.

There was the sewer line that broke two days before vacation so we rented a backhoe and dug it up then flew out, the basement that flooded while we were on said vacation in a different house, dog that went missing while we were getting married out of state and we didn't know he was in the pound until 10 days later, throw in a few dislocated elbows, broken arms and beads up noses and yep! had a week or two that felt like it just kept piling on.

Sorry you had a rough one, but like you said, it sure helps you appreciate just "normal" day to day stuff!

Jenny Ford said...

Gotta make lemonade outta lemons, right? Thanks for your comments Amanda & Dari!