Jul 27, 2012

How to Potty Train your Toddler

It's the time I'm slightly dreading. Ok, dreading a lot.  I've procrastinated long enough. Oscar's diapers are coming to an end and I've decided it's time to potty train.  It's been 8 years since I had to do it last with my daughter Ella, and she actually just did it herself.  

I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking, so I am believing it is going to go smoothly and we'll never look back to those diapers again.  That's it, no more purchasing them, no more smelling them, no more leaking out of them and changing sheets at 2 am. Done.  But still so many questions.  

I've been sent the 72 hour method for potty training, but before I start reading it (ya, I've even procrastinated on reading that book) I wanted to see what you all have done in the past.  Where do I even begin?  What do I bribe him with?  Does he stand up or sit down?  How gray is my hair going to turn during all of this?

I went to some of my favorite mamas, many of these ladies having done it a time...or 6. Here's what they had to share with me on the topic of Potty Training...OY

Chrissy from the Clumsy Gourmet says "My younger daughter trained herself... kinda... but I think the "big girl" panties helped.. Holly woke up one morning at 18 months old... I went to change her diaper and she pushed it away and said.. NO! I want to wear big girl panties like Beffy (aka Bethany her big sis) She never had one accident.. wore a night time diaper for about a week and then refused that as well.. so no pressure, but just the lure of big girl panties with "Beauty" & "Ariel" on them. It worked for her... a naturally compliant easy going toddler. :)"

Daria from Mom In Management  - "sink the cheerios!! Whoo hoo!  Atta boy" and "Must say letting my son pee anywhere he wanted (front yard, back yard, park) - just not in a diaper seemed to work, although it made for some interesting looks. :)"

Catherine from Evolving Mommy dedicated an entire blog post to potty training her wee one.  She's listed 6 tips to the success of her potty training her daughter.  One of them being, know what motivates your child.

Amy from Resourceful Mommy -"Let your kids choose their own undies then put them on. Once my daughter realized she had ruined Elmo she began pooping in the potty ;)" 

Nicole from The Guilty Parent - "Let them be naked! Nothing gets the rest of the family on board to help potty train the youngest like a naked toddler running around the house!"

Jen from Born Just Right - "I used two tactics with my son: Half day nakedness and a ton of my friends dontaed their old Hot Wheels cars. Each time he used the potty he got a car.  My daughter was all about the pretty underwear. She was a lot quicker to learn than her non-fashion conscious brother. Oh, and we bought a music-playing potty" 

Rajean from Rajean Blomquist - "Never underestimate the power of nakedness, new character undies and little prizes with BIG celebrations. Like little potty parades, high fives, etc. We placed the potty chair in the middle of our great room and he watched his favorite shows and I gave him a sense of privacy by not hovering, concentrated in a three day weekend. I will say, three girls and then one son...girls for me were easy peasy."

Shana from Shana Mama - "My only tip is to never force the issue. I fully believe children will potty train in their own time and when you force a child to do it it only adds stress which will not help the child or the parent."

Jennifer from Travel Kiddy - "My kids were thankfully easy. For the oldest, we used a sticker chart and m&ms for rewards. The second potty trained herself when she realized her pre-school friends were wearing panties. The last two wanted to play tennis and I wouldn't let them until potty trained - with them it was almost overnight success before they were two."

Holy Crap.... I just need to go all Nike, and just do it.  

What are your tips?


Brittany said...

I am right there with you I have a toddler ready, me not so much. I guess I have to just do it. For accomplishing our goal of getting the kid potty trained I think a new pair of shoes are in order with next months diaper money, those shoes I have been dreaming of may make there way into my closet soon.

Rajean said...

Love the 'over/under' toilet paper image. He won't care, ha. Great tips!