Aug 14, 2012

Love: New Pics

Welp, I finally made it happen.  I've had a whole day to myself...Well kinda, aside from the giant hole in my front yard that's being dug at the moment.  Long story short, our main plumbing line's seal broke and dropped about an inch. And it became really lovely in my basement for a few days.  ICK.  Anyway, no big deal, I've actually turned those lemons into lemonade.  And you know what, strange things happen when you take a positive approach to looking at something, trying to look for the good.  I'm amazed at what God is blessing us with right now.  

Well, that's not really why I jumped on here to write this quick post.  It's actually because, back to the original topic - my day alone to work.  I've spent the majority of my time editing new pictures of Monkey Toes.  I'm so proud of these little guys. I'm posting a few here, but feel free to jump on the website to check them all out.  

My favorites - 

The goal was simple, take some shots at a sandbox and then make them a little more exciting.  I did that via PicMonkey  (confession: I might be obsessed with that site right now).

Hope you like them.  Go check out the others online at

Which one is your favorite?  

- Jenny

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