Aug 12, 2011

The inspiration behind the Playful Pumpkins

You may recognize them because they've been here before, but there's something new about these Playful little Pumpkins...I've added my favorite Halloween treat - Candy Corn!

I'm most inspired by the uncomplicated things around us.  The simple joys of each season, hence the sweet face of these little jack-o-lanterns.  I admit, I did not personally design the originals. Our fabulous painter, Katy Haas created it.  Katy has years of experience with tons of different mediums (metals, the cutest wire sculptures, acrylics), but most importantly (to me) she fulfilled many of my visions for new styles in the Monkey Toes collection.  For that, I am forever grateful to her.  When you get an opportunity you can see her work here on her Facebook page - trust me, she is amazing!

Yes, this is Katy's pumpkin face creation...
And from that adorable face, our designers created the perfect packaging to coordinate with them.  Isn't the final product BOOO-tiful?  (Sorry, I had to do it)
These make such an adorable gift for that playful pumpkin in your life.  Plus, they're a great keepsake too - whether it's baby's first Halloween or they're a seasoned pro at the age of 3 - any kiddo will delight in a pair on their feet!

Our Playful Pumpkins are available in tennis shoes sizes 4-8 (ages 1-3 years).  Available beginning September 1, 2011.  Get em online here!  

What is your favorite Fall treat?

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bless their hearts mom said...

awwww...I so wish my daughter hadn't grown out of this new line already!