May 27, 2012

#KidsBiz Twitter Chat

There's no doubt that I love business.  I love creating something out of nothing and I love reading about and watching those who have paved the way and done it too.  They're outliers in my book, not the norm, and an inspiration to me.  The reality of entrepreneurship is that it's dang hard.  There are moments when you are on top of the world (seeing Monkey Toes on Oprah - pee your pants exciting) and other days when you wonder what the heck you are doing because your (business) walls are crumbling down around you.

Reading about or watching others who have succeeded in entrepreneurship boosts my faith and assures me that whatever it is that I'm going through is completely normal.  When you are all alone in this journey, and most of your friends don't really "get it", it's tough.  I'm not even exactly sure how people do it all without knowing that God has a massive plan and holding on to that faith.
The Sharks

While I'm here on this earth what a really helps me are those inspiring people who shared their journeys and been real about it.  I constantly read Inc Magazine searching for those stories or watching Shark Tank to see how a business "life" can be changed in an instant through some investors and the connections they've curated.  Or by watching the creative process unfold before your eyes on The Pitch (a new show that I'm getting sucked into quickly).  I may be a huge dork for saying this, but these shows put me on the edge of my seat!  I believe it's because I have such a passion for it too - do you feel this way?

Are you wanting a support network for your journey?  Caletha Crawford, a children's industry expert, has put together a Twitter chat this 9 PM (est) Wednesday, May 30th.  I will be participating, along with many other businesses, in Caletha's chat discussing Branding and the new "Normal" of business in the USA.

Join a group of entrepreneurs and form a support system of people who "get" you and let's chat.

Twitter Contacts:
Caletha Crawford - @caletha_style
Jenny at Monkey Toes - @monkeytoesshoes
use the hashtag #kidsbiz

Will you join us?

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