May 30, 2012

My favorite lunch

Is it weird that I have almost as many, if not more, pictures of food than my kiddos on my phone?  I do love some good food.  I'm not gonna lie, I eat a lot of dessert for my other biz, Sugar Loco.  And I enjoy every single bite, I LOVE IT (remember my reference to cake?).  I don't feel guilty for it, I just try to adjust my eating habits and workout schedule accordingly.  But I am a busy mom and business owner and I do sometimes miss workouts on really busy weeks and then start mentally feeling chubby... My favorite adjustment is to replace lunch with a smoothie.  A nice healthy green, energizing, and fruity smoothie.  So here is my go to lunch solution - so yummy and filling. 

My initial inspiration for smoothie drinking was found on Pinterest, The Greeeeeeen Monster, I say in my best movie theater, dramatic, announcer voice....  I drank a lot of these and then decided to venture out and create my own yumminess.  And here is what I came up with - 

Sorry, I'm not one for measuring here (this is all approximate), but you really cannot mess this one up! In fact, adjust it to your liking.

1 heaping cup - Frozen Mixed Tropical Berries - pineapple, peaches, grapes, and strawberries or the Frozen Berry Mix is yummy too 
1 brewed mug of Green Tea (my favorite kind found here)
3-4 cups of spinach - Yep, fill it to the rim and pack it down.  Trust me, you cannot taste this, but makes the shake so healthy
frozen banana - half or whole is fine, but should be frozen 
1/4 cup of fat-free plain green yogurt - or you can go with honey flavored, but you really don't need the extra sugar/calories.  
couple slices of fresh ginger - as much or as little as you like - it really adds a nice zest to your shake  
Optional - if you need more sweetness, add a little squirt of honey

Brew up your tea and pour into the blender (or you can make the tea hours beforehand and store it in the fridge with the tea bag in it), add your fruit, scoop of yogurt and top with the spinach and ginger.  Blend away.  Give that baby a pulse a couple of times at the end to make sure the spinach is blended fully.

This recipe will get you one smoothie, plus some extra.  My daughter, Ella, loves to drink the leftover after school so I save it for her in the fridge.  

I'm no nutritionist, so I won't add up any calories or fat grams for you, but I do know that every ingredient added to this smoothie has great health benefits.  And with the spinach, I feel like I'm having a huge salad minus all the chewing.  Delicious and will give you a little boost of energy and fullness to get you to your next meal!


What are your favorite items to throw into the blender?  I'd love some more inspiration!

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