May 31, 2012

Radio Chat - Friday June 1!

I was invited by the ladies of MGN Radio, a web radio show, to talk business on Friday June 1, 2012.  We'll chat about my story and business related topics, so if you have any questions or just wanna shoot the breeze (I'm really good about talking about nothing) call in - (917) 388-4116.

The thing I love about radio is that I can sit in the comforts of my own home, in my pjs, with a glass of wine in hand.  No pressure for a cute outfit and make up!  And same goes for you too - so give us a call :)

MGN Radio is a part of the My Good Nanny website, a website dedicated to good Christian care for your kiddos in the US.  They also coordinate the Dare 2 Aspire Conference - helping men and women see and live out their God given purpose in life.

What are you doing Friday night?  Call in, let's chat!  (917) 388-4116.

P.S. I'll be giving a pair of my cute little shoes away too

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